Welcome to the Village of Fall River

Information for new residents:

Post Office
Address: 203 Steel Rd., Fall River, WI 53932
Phone: (920) 484-3168.

Address: 150 Bradley St., Fall River, WI  53932
Phone: (920) 484-3333
Fax: (920) 484-3600

Garbage / Recycling

Garbage/Recycling Pickup

The Village contracts with Advanced Disposal for automated curbside trash and recycling collection. Trash is collected every week and recyclables are collected every other week. All residents should use the carts provided for garbage and recycling- items not contained in the carts will not be picked up without making special arrangements with Advanced Disposal. Collection day in the Village is Thursday. If a holiday falls on a Thursday or any day earlier in the week, collection day will be Friday. Carts should be out by 7am on collection day.

Click here for more information on the use of carts.

2020 Collection schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

More information may also be found by viewing the Advanced Disposal brochure or by visiting advanceddisposal.com.

Recycling and Yard Waste Center

The Recycling and Yard Waste Center located just east of town on Church Street/Gruhn Rd. is available for Village residents to drop off recyclables, grass clippings, brush, and other lawn and garden material. See the brochure for more information.

Columbia County Recycling and Solid Waste

Columbia County accepts recyclables as well as a variety of other materials at its location at W7465 Hwy. 16. For more information on accepted items and disposal fees contact the Columbia County Recycling and Waste Processing Facility at (608) 742-6651, view their website, or download their informational brochure.

Voter Registration

Elections are held at the Fall River Municipal Building, 641 S. Main St. Polls open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. The building is handicapped accessible. Contact the Clerk's office to obtain absentee ballots.
2011 Wisconsin Act 23 voting in Wisconsin- The law requires voters to present an acceptable photo ID to receive a ballot. Voters are required to sign the poll book when they vote. Changes to your residency requires an address change registration before you are to vote. More details of the law can be found at http://elections.wi.gov/

Download an informational brochure explaining important facts for registering to vote.

Download a voter registration form. This form is used for new voter registrations, address changes and name changes.

Winter Parking Regulations
Sec. 10-1-36 Winter Parking.
When signs have been erected at the corporate limits of the Village as provided in
Sec. 349.13, Wis. Stats., no person shall park or leave standing on any Village
street any vehicle between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on any day from November 1
to April 1, except physicians on emergency calls. In addition to the issuance of
citations, Village police officers shall have the authority to tow to a designated
place, or a place where parking is permitted, any vehicle parked in violation of this
Section when such vehicle interferes with the removal of snow. Actual charges of
such towing and removal shall be assessed against the driver or party responsible
for the violation.
Water / Sewer

Village of Fall River residents are billed monthly for water, sewer and garbage collection. Utility customers who do not make payment before the due date listed on the billing will receive a ten-day disconnect notice. Payment must be made within ten days to avoid having water service disconnected.

It is illegal to discharge clear water from a sump pump or downspouts into the sanitary sewer. Doing so burdens the sanitary sewer collection and pumping system and can result in increased operation, maintenance, and treatment costs. Excessive discharge of clear water into the sanitary sewer can result in sewer backups and damage to property. Discharge of clear water should be directed in such a way as to avoid being a nuisance or danger to others.

Current Water Rates

Current Sewer Rates

Columbia County Health & Human Services Resources
Village Ordinances
A complete listing of current Village ordinances is contained in the Official Ordinance Book kept at the Village Clerk's office. Please contact the Village Clerk for more information.




Contact Information

The following utilities serve the village of Fall River. Please contact them directly to have service started or changed to your new address.



Contact Information

Water & sewer

Village of Fall River

(920) 484-3525


Alliant Energy

alliantenergy.com 800-255-4268

Electric for Hometown Subdivision

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative



Telephone & cable TV


centurylink.com 800-366-8201

Natural gas

We Energies

we-energies.com 800-242-9137