The Fall River Municipal Building is located at 641 S. Main St.
Phone (920) 484-3525, Fax (920) 484-5201

Normal business hours are:
Monday-Thursday 8 am to 4:30 pm; Friday 8 am until Noon
This office is closed daily from Noon-1 pm.


Winter Reminders
Winter Parking– Winter parking regulations are in effect from November 1 until March 31. During this time, there is no parking on village streets between 2 am and 6 am. Parking tickets are $20 and must be paid within five days. See the winter parking ordinance.

Snow & Ice Removal– Village sidewalks must be kept clear of all snow and ice. Snow and/or ice must be removed within 24 hours of the time the snow/ice ceases to accumulate. Snow may NOT be deposited on any village street. In addition, it is greatly appreciated if residents would keep fire hydrants on or near their property clear of snow. See the snow removal ordinance.
Drinking water award
The Village of Fall River was recently named the winner of the Wisconsin Rural Water Association Taste Contest! See the DPW page for more information!
Sewer Utility Needs Your Help!
Recently, the Fall River Sewer Utility has experienced an increase in wastewater pumping station malfunctions due to “disposable” cleaning items and wipes entering the wastewater stream. Many cleaning products labeled “disposable” or even “flushable” can cause problems for homeowners and the Village. Disinfecting wipes, Swiffer mop refills, baby wipes, and other products made from similar materials should be disposed of in the trash- never flushed down a toilet. These items do not dissolve or break down after being flushed and can clog household sewer pipes, resulting in an expensive and messy repair and clean-up for a property owner. If these items find their way into the Village’s sewer system, they can clog pipes and pumps in the Village’s sewer pumping stations. This leads to expensive repairs and potential interruptions in sewer service.

Please help ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the Village’s wastewater system by disposing of these products properly, in the trash!
Columbia County Highway

Details on Seasonal Weight Restrictions.

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Upcoming Events

February 21- Spring Primary Election 7am- 8pm

March 8 - Village Bd. mtg. 6 pm

April 4 - Spring election 7am- 8pm

April 12 - Village Bd. mtg. 6 pm

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