Village Hall
The Fall River Municipal Building is located at 641 S. Main St.
Phone (920) 484-3525, Fax (920) 484-6201

Normal business hours are:
Monday-Thursday 8 am to 4:30 pm; Friday 8 am until Noon
This office is closed daily from Noon-1 pm.



Upcoming Events

November 14- Board Meeting 6pm

Sump pump connections to sewer

A reminder that it is illegal to direct the discharge from a sump pump or downspouts to the sanitary sewer. Draining ground water or storm water into the sanitary sewer system by connecting to a floor drain or any other method can overwhelm sewer pumping stations, resulting in increased operation, maintenance, and treatment costs.

Vita Plus Drive Recycling Center

The Recycling Center on Vita Plus Drive has been closed due to the excessive amount of trash being improperly dumped.

Garbage & Recycling Carts

The Village utilizes automated trash and recycling collection. Collection day is Thursdays, and carts should be curbside by 7am. Trash is collected every week and recyclables are collected every other week. All residents should use the carts provided for garbage and recycling- items not contained in the carts will not be picked up without making special arrangements with Advanced Disposal.

  1. Carts should be placed on a fairly level surface- either at the end of the driveway or on the tree border. They do not need to be placed in the street.
  2. Each cart needs three feet of unobstructed space around it.
Click here for more information on the use of carts. *Collection Schedule.
*Frequently Asked Questions

Sewer Utility Needs Your Help!

Recently, the Fall River Sewer Utility has experienced an increase in wastewater pumping station malfunctions due to “disposable” cleaning items and wipes entering the wastewater stream. Many cleaning products labeled “disposable” or even “flushable” can cause problems for homeowners and the Village. Disinfecting wipes, Swiffer mop refills, baby wipes, and other products made from similar materials should be disposed of in the trash- never flushed down a toilet. These items do not dissolve or break down after being flushed and can clog household sewer pipes, resulting in an expensive and messy repair and clean-up for a property owner. If these items find their way into the Village’s sewer system, they can clog pipes and pumps in the Village’s sewer pumping stations. This leads to expensive repairs and potential interruptions in sewer service.

Please help ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the Village’s wastewater system by disposing of these products properly, in the trash!