2022 Church, Hilltop, Sunrise

Reconstruction Project

The Village will be reconstructing portions of Church Street, Hilltop Drive, and Sunrise Lane in 2022. The scope of the project will include removal and replacement of the driving surface, new curb and gutter, new sidewalks, new driveway approaches, water main, sanitary sewer main, storm sewer, and water and sewer laterals within the street right-of-way, with all work to be completed by the Village’s contractor.

As is the case with any construction project, it is inevitable you will encounter some inconveniences through the duration of this project; however, the Village of Fall River will make every effort to minimize such inconveniences. We respectfully request your patience during the reconstruction and encourage you to contact Kory Anderson, Village Engineer with General Engineering Company (608-697-8001), with any questions or concerns that may arise. 

Winter Parking– Residents affected by the Church, Hilltop, Sunrise street construction project will be allowed to park on the street until they have vehicle access to their property.

Mailboxes– In coordination with the Postal Service, temporary mailboxes have been set up on Jennifer Lane near Church Street for residents within the project area. Existing mailboxes in the work zone will be removed by the contractor and placed near each resident's garage. Mailboxes will be re-installed at the end of the project by the contractor.

Garbage collection– Garbage collection will remain on Thursdays, and residents should continue to place trash and recycling carts out as usual. If the collection truck is unable to access a property due to construction in the area, the contractor will move the carts to another location for pick-up and return them after collection.

Water service–  Interruptions in water service may be necessary during this project. Residents will be given at least 24 hours' notice before any scheduled service outages. In the event of an unexpected emergency service outage, the contractor will make every effort to notify residents as soon as possible and will work to restore service as quickly as possible.

Traffic access– At least one lane of traffic will be maintained throughout the project for local traffic, except in areas where work is currently taking place. Every effort will be made to have all streets passable at the end of the day. Residents will be notified if their driveway will not be accessible for a period of time while the contractor is working in the area. Driveways will not be accessible after curb, gutter, driveway aprons, and sidewalks are installed until the concrete cures sufficiently. Please avoid parking on the street during the duration of this project and avoid traveling through the construction area if at all possible.

Work hours– The contractor will typically work Monday through Thursday from 7 am until 7 pm. If there is a rain delay earlier in the week, work will take place on Friday.


November 11–  Work on the project has been completed. Unfortunately, we were not able to get seeding done in time to get grass established this fall. Some warm days in the spring should get things growing. The general contractor is planning to return in the spring to touch up any areas that need attention.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during this project! It was a lengthy process, but many much-needed improvements have been made that will serve the neighborhood for years to come!


October 20– Concrete work is expected to be completed early next week. Driveway aprons need approximately 7-10 days of cure time before driving on. Asphalt driveways will be patched in behind the sidewalk when the street paving crew is on site. Landscape restoration is scheduled to begin next week. Final grading and paving of the streets is scheduled for the first week of November.


September 19– Excavation of the street subgrade and installation of fabric and breaker for the new street base is expected to be completed early next week. Preparations for concrete work will begin in the next couple of days– engineers will be staking the sidewalk locations and grades, and the concrete contractor will begin setting up string lines for sidewalk installation. Pouring sidewalks is expected to begin next week. Curb and gutter and driveway approaches will follow after sidewalks. No vehicle traffic is allowed on fresh concrete for approximately seven days. This means property owners will have limited access to driveways after the sidewalks are poured and also after curb and gutter and driveway approaches are installed. The contractor and Village will work together to provide notice to residents before concrete installation starts and provide further information on accessibility.


August 16–  Installation of water and sewer laterals and storm sewer has been completed. This marks the end of underground utility work for this project. As part of the storm water management for this neighborhood, the Village has installed a drain system for sump pump and downspout connections. The pipe for this system is located in the right-of-way between the sidewalk and curb. Properties with existing sump pump or downspout drains were connected to the new system by the contractor. A provision for future connections was made at each property along the route. If you would like to connect your sump pump or downspout discharge to this pipe, please contact Ben Upward at General Engineering at (715) 577-2505, or see the General Engineering Inspector on site. Installation of storm sewer in combination with with the sump pump and downspout collection system should help alleviate some of the past drainage issues in this area.

The next phase of the project will begin next week– excavation of the streets to the proper elevation and preparation of the roadbed. Please be aware that this will completely close the street in the area where work is taking place. As always, your patience is greatly appreciated!


July 6– Water main installation for the project is complete. Testing and sampling is underway to prepare to put the new mains into service. The contractor will begin connecting residential service laterals soon. It is a priority to connect residents on Sunrise Lane as soon as possible to be able to discontinue use of the temporary water service. Installation of storm sewer has also begun.


June 22– Water main installation on Fox Trail, Church Street, and Hilltop Drive is complete, and a temporary water main is being installed on Sunrise Lane to serve residents during installation of the water main on that street. The temporary above-ground service may be inconvenient for property owners to work around, but is the best option to ensure uninterrupted service while the new water main is installed, tested, and put into service. Please use caution when doing any lawn or landscaping work around the temporary service. If you notice any damage, please contact Ben Upward (715-577-2505) or Kory Anderson (608-697-8001) at General Engineering.


June 3– Sanitary sewer main installation is complete, and installation of water main has begun.


Work on this project will begin on May 9. Pulverizing the existing asphalt and installation of sanitary sewer is expected to take place first. In general, the contractor will begin work on Sunrise Lane and move on to Church Street and then Hilltop Drive.


Contact Information


General Engineering:

Ben Upward (715) 577-2505

Kory Anderson (608) 697-8001